Culinary Concierge


Christine Couvelier is passionate about food. With over 30 years of experience as an executive chef and culinary trendologist she has become a sought-after consultant in the world of food. Her exceptional ability to predict culinary trends, understand consumer thinking, and translate these concepts into actionable business strategy has made her a global leader in the industry.

Throughout her career Christine has worn many hats and worked with a wide range of businesses, from big box grocery stores and large food producers to culinary schools and centres for innovation. She has been the executive chef for President’s Choice, the culinary director for Cara Operations, the chair of The Chef School at George Brown College (Canada’s largest culinary school), the director of culinary strategy at Maple Leaf Foods, just to name a few. No matter which hat she’s wearing, her goal is simple; to empower businesses with knowledge to differentiate themselves from the competition and drive measurable results through future-proof strategies. Her reputation for accurately predicting culinary trends has made her a respected advisor to many businesses. Learn more about the services she offers.

Christine travels the world over to taste, cook, and sample the industry’s latest offerings. She is a regular speaker at food conferences and events, having shared the stage with the likes of Depak Chopra and other celebrated leaders. View Christine’s speaking schedule or book her today.