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Owned and operated by Christine Couvelier, a world-renowned executive chef and culinary consultant, Culinary Concierge specializes in predicting food trends and applying that data intelligence to meet business goals. Whether you are a grocery chain, a brand name manufacturer, a food service provider, a culinary school, or any other business operating in the food industry, Culinary Concierge can help you develop effective strategic plans that will help take your company to new heights.

Trend Watch Reports

Being informed about key market influences, as well as being up to date on global food trends are the cornerstones of any culinary business. Culinary Concierge’s customized Trend Watch Reports identify the various market factors and future trends (from one to five years out) that can have an impact on your brand and product offerings. Christine’s reputation for accurately predicting culinary trends has made her a respected advisor to many businesses.

Operational Audits

Is your foodservice operation losing money? Do you ever wonder if there is anything more you can do to increase your profits? Like any other business, knowing how to lower your operating costs is key to your company’s long-term growth and success. To help clients uncover hidden expenses, maximize cost saving opportunities and boost efficiencies, Culinary Concierge performs extensive third-party operational foodservice audits and delivers thorough documentation and recommendations.

Product + Recipe Development

Working either independently or collaboratively with your internal teams Christine provides hands-on assistance throughout each stage of development. She has been hired by many of the world’s leading food manufacturers, packaged goods companies and restaurants to help create, test, review and launch award-winning packaged products, recipes and menus.

Product Spokesperson

With thousands of products released onto store shelves every year, you really need to work to ensure your food product is the one a consumer picks up and takes home with them. As an experienced product spokesperson, Christine will share her passion and love of food with tips and tricks picked up during her 30 years in the food industry. She can educate and inspire consumers to create fabulous dishes with your products in their own kitchens.

Kitchen + Market Design

Having had the chance to visit — and work in — many of the world’s finest kitchens and markets over the past 20 years, Christine Couvelier has become a leading industry expert on commercial kitchen design and food merchandising. From salad bars, prep areas, beverage counters, grill lines, grocery displays and test kitchens to complete redesigns of corporate kitchens and retail food spaces, Christine’s experience will help you get the most out of your time, space and budget.

Food Writing + Styling

Culinary Concierge can provide engaging written content that offers readers a unique perspective on food and the culinary industry as a whole. We can also provide expert food styling services for your next photo shoot and advise on how to bring out the best in your product so it can truly shine.

Teach. Taste. Learn & Inspire.

A service for faculty and leaders in culinary and hospitality schools around the world. This unique consulting service is a partnership between Christine Couvelier of Culinary Concierge and Dave Derpak, an expert in educational leadership. 

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